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Genesity is an innovative, highly productive contact center specialize in serving B2B, B2C, government clients, and agencies.

Ensure Your Business Continuity & Service Levels


Some Of The Services We Offer

Genesity personnel is doing much more than simply answer phones. We provide professional services and support to your business and clients.

We handle getting the leads tailored to the demographics you target in the Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) sales pipeline.

We make sure that your call overflow does not become missed calls. Our agents take the call on your behalf if your lines are busy or inaccessible.

We will take care of many technical problems while routing your experts with other more demanding questions.

We will provide detailed information to your clients for common inquiries about your product and services.

We will provide a 24/7 problem report service to your customers. Through tracking and monitoring the intervention of the service, we ensure a fast solution for high customer satisfaction.

We provide order processing, late payments followup, dispatch, after-sale followup, mystery shopping, and direct sales services.

We give support to your business with competitive analysis, brand, product marketing analysis, social surveys, and human reaction research.

In the case of unreachable executives, we will help you arrange meetings, take calls, and route calls to relevant individuals, agencies, and/or departments.

We will take care of a wide variety of facilities, from making appointments or reservations for doctors to travel agencies, restaurants, etc.


An Omni-Channel Contact Center

The idea to hire an outsourced contact center is very effective and has long been accepted as an efficient solution for handling scaling problems in sales and support.


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