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Flash and Other Multimedia


Multimedia Information
Multimedia—the integration of animated graphics, audio and video—on a website, can produce some of the most stunning effects and attention getting attractions available! Keystone will be happy to consult and/or provide multimedia applications as you desire, and, believe it or not, advise you against their use when they are not warranted. No, we’re not trying to talk ourselves out of some business, it’s just that multimedia applications are used when there is no valid reason for doing so.

Flash virtual brochure
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Note: this movie has sound enabled.

In many cases, website owner’s want to employ multimedia applications on their website simply because one of their competitors have it on their site. This ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ mentality simply perpetuates bad website design! Quite frankly, many website users find multimedia presentations unnecessary, boring, and a waste of their time. In some instances, the multimedia presentations take so long to load, that the website users (that is, your potential customers) leave your site and go to your competitors! Please use multimedia applications only when there is a valid reason to do so, you’ll make your customers happy and make the best use of your website budget by doing so.

Having said that, there are valid uses for multimedia both on the Internet and off, such as:

Keystone will be pleased to provide you with an initial consultation to include your multimedia questions at no cost or obligation. Contact Keystone now to discuss.

The production of multimedia applications is dependent on many factors such as standard or broadcast quality, degree of resolution, frames-per-second, number of scenes, duration; using ‘canned’ royalty free music or custom-written score. We can price our multimedia services by the component or by the hour. Due to the complexity of this subject, we invite you to contact Keystone to discuss your requirements and receive a price quote.











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