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Database Services

We are able to both convert existing databases for publication on the World Wide Web, and to design databases specifically for this purpose. There are many advantages that come with using databases for the handling of large amounts of information, but when coupled with the Internet, these advantages grow.

Databases can also be used as a resource to dynamically produce web pages, both allowing the users of the website to create new web pages effortlessly.

Statistical and data collection databases can be employed to represent data graphically, for example a web based voting database where individuals register their vote for a candidate, rate a product or service and then present the running totals in a variety of different graphs or charts.

Web based databases can be developed both for Intranet and Extranet applications.

Updating the database can be done by the client or by us, with regular updates from a central source or with ongoing updates via the web. For example an organisation's headquarters may wish to send simply a file to us containing any changes or indeed the whole database itself as regularly as is required. Alternatively the updating could be on an individual or branch basis with access via the web, depending on their clearance level.

Our design and consultation process begins with a discussion between the client and one of our database teams. Database development and integration consultancy is also available. Please call for further details.

Since most database and in particular web based database development is often custom, prices can only be quoted after the initial discussion process. For more information contact us using the information below.









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