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Testing Services


Every year websites are launched, and every year thousands of them fail to work properly when their potential customers or visitors view it. The reason for this is most commonly that the Webmaster or web design company has not fully tested the website.

Testing a website can be a long and tedious task, but it's perhaps the most important of all.

There are numerous stages to website testing, all of which are very important. Ranging from browser testing to content testing, none should be excluded for an "A" class website.

Visual Apperance Testing
Functionality Testing
Content Proofing
System and Browser Compatibility Testing
Delivery Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Search Engine Position Testing

Visual Apperance Testing - In this stage we ensure that the site looks as it is intended to by assessing every page carefully to ensure that each looks the same, and that there is no "page jumping".

Functionality Testing - Functionality testing involves an assessment of every aspect of the website where scripting or code is involved, from searching for dead links, to testing forms and database functions.

Content Proofing - We remove any errors in your content, and ensure that your site has a professional appearance. A content specialist team will reread each page on your site, and check for spelling and grammatical errors, becasue a software program cannot correct all grammar errors.

System and Browser Compatibility Testing - This is extremely important - if your site does not work properly with the a particular popular browser or system (such as a Macintosh), the users will end up annoyed, and they'll go elsewhere.

Delivery Testing - the point where we test your Website in a realistic environment.

User Acceptance Testing - This is an important stage because it allows you to gauge how the public will react to your site, and make changes which will ensure your users have the best possible experience.

Search Engine Position Testing - Search engines are an important part of generating traffic for your website. We will check your search engine rankings very often to ensure that you consistently achieve the highest spots in the various engines.

Website testing is a very important part of a website's success. It can save many good websites from failing to satisfy their visitors.

Since most website tesing is often custom, prices can only be quoted after the initial discussion process. For more information contact us using the information below.

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